This year Capall Dorcha Theatre Company is opening submissions to new writing throughout Ayrshire and Arran.

Called ‘Ayrshire Stories’ this opportunity will allow people throughout Ayrshire and Arran to submit new writing and provide an opportunity to perform the pieces through live community theatre later in the year.  Open to all, this project is about allowing the creation of storytelling of our ‘Ayrshire Stories’ to come alive and shared with the wider community.  Capall Dorcha’s CEO Barry Robertson said:

Chief Executive Barry Robertson said ‘Since the launch of Capall Dorcha Ensemble earlier in the year we have had a lot of adults come to the organisation pitching their ideas for stage and wanting to know how to take their writing to the next level.  For us at Capall Dorcha, we wanted to create a platform where anyone who has an idea of a play or wants to share a fond memory to submit a piece of writing of up to 20 mins for our adult drama group to perform later in the year.

Through ‘Ayrshire Stories’ this opportunity is to bring people together no matter if you are new to writing or have written a lot this is an opportunity to share current Ayrshire stories!  You know the stuff that you and your neighbours talk about hanging out the washing, the banter at work or even share a story that made a memorable impact on your life here in our local area.

For adults who are interested in learning new theatre art skills, we have several classes available starting in August and September in Ardrossan.  Our writing class launches on the 21st of August, and adult drama classes who will be performing the texts submitted will commence on the 3rd of September.

Should anyone want to submit their writing or find out more about our classes, please visit our website at or telephone 01294 475648

Here are some examples from our current writing class to help you with your ideas for writing for Ayrshire Stories.

Writing Submissions Close on the 19th of August.


Q & A’s

What is the length of writing required for the performance?

We are looking for short scenes for approx 20 – 30 mins of writing for a short performance.

How do I submit?

You can submit your work online or via post with further information via Contact Us page

Or via post: Capall Dorcha Theatre Company, The Michael Lynch Centre, 71 Princess Street, Ardrossan, Ayrshire KA22 8DG.  If you wish to send us your script please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope if you wish your writing to be returned.

I am not a writer, can I still apply?

Yes! The event intends to share memories, events and characters about Ayrshire and to celebrate local culture.

I used to live in Ayrshire can I still submit?


I am not a writer, but would love to take part in performing, how can I take part?

Yes!  Our adult drama group who will be performing the scenes run on Monday nights in Ardrossan and will be working on the texts for the performance.

Our drama group sessions start on the 3rd of Sept 7pm – 8.30pm at the Ardrossan Civic Centre.

You can book online here

I am a writer, do you run any classes where I can take part with your organisation?

Yes!  Our writer’s group run once a month, providing space where you can share your development and bring your work to help you with your writing.  Our writer’s group is a space where within Capall Dorcha Theatre we can support your writing by bringing it from page to stage to allow you to access your work in new ways.

Writing sessions for the year are 21st / 28th of Aug then the first Tuesday of the month through to December.

You can book online to meet with us here.

I am not a writer or performer but love theatre, can I volunteer?

Certainly! We are looking for volunteers to support our work throughout Capall Dorcha Ensemble.  Find out more here.

I have more questions who do I speak to about my query?

Please feel free to Contact Us or telephone us on 01294 475648 for further information.