Join Capall Dorcha Theatre Company at the Harbour Arts Centre to enjoy new theatre writing. ‘Building Bridges’ written by Marie Dunlop is a Scottish drama dealing with marital separation, reconciliation and trust issues within a family. It also deals with loyalty, betrayal and the unfailing love of a mother and grandmother, set against the backdrop of demolition and renewal that was Anderson, Glasgow, in the mid-1960s. Whilst not a historical account of what happened to the Anderson community as a result of the Glasgow Corporation’s Comprehensive Redevelopment Plan as it prepared for the construction of the M8 and the Kingston bridge, Building Bridges does sign-post the changes to come. It also very much captures the flavour of a time where many of Anderson’s inhabitants saw the tenements they had always known, coming down around them.

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About the Author

Marie is a resident of Ardrossan but has reached back to her birth place for the characters and storyline of this, the second play she has written.  She feels certain that those who are able to be part of the theatre event at the Harbour Arts Centre, will be able to identify with her characters and recognise many of their qualities and failings in people they have known: from the firm but loving old grandmother, Nellie, to the narrow-minded and prejudiced husband and brother in law, Hugh.  The purpose of the rehearsed reading  is to welcome feedback on the play as an indicator for the company, Capall Dorcha, to take the project to the next step, a full stage performance.


Marie is a wife, mother and grandmother who divides her time between her family, her writing and her part-time work in the homelessness sector.  Marie is also a mature learner with the Open University and is currently working on her final year of a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature.  She is a member of the Ensemble of Capall Dorcha and has taken part in adult script-reading classes in the local Ardrossan area which has helped her make the acquaintance of other writers.  She hopes everyone will enjoy the play and she  will be available on the night to meet up with theatre-goers and answer any questions they may wish to ask.