Barry on Volunteering

For a non-profit social enterprise when I mention volunteering with Capall Dorcha I normally hear the following two comments the most; ‘I have time commitments’, ‘I don’t think I can make it every week’.  And while it saddens me, it makes me reflect on our local community and ask what our community is?  The people of North Ayrshire and Arran, in my opinion, are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, no matter the situation! I believe that anyone of us would go out there way to help our community, to provide food for the foodbank, support our local girl guides or boys brigade or visit our local residential centres to provide support to our elderly residents.  This is exactly what community does; we unconsciously make an emotional commitment to become involved to provide happiness to others – and mostly it happens out of coincidence or through helping out just that one time, we find a place that we feel belonged and that we enjoy.

Recently I have been reading the Dali Lamas book on The Art of Happiness, I have to admit I purchased it years ago and this is me just now getting round to reading it.  And I was surprised when the first chapter was on community, and I knew that volunteer week was coming up.

How many of us spend our time glued to a mobile, checking for notifications that someone likes our random thought of the day?  That we feel wanted and loved from a smiley and that by taking a photograph can boost our confidence and by adding filters and only showing one side of our daily lives makes us all look artificial and trying to compete to see who has the ideal perfect life when such a thing doesn’t exist.

What exists is our wider family within our community! And the people that live work and contribute in our towns supporting others.  As I continued to read, I learned that happiness through having a strong community provides much more than a ‘feeling good’ effect.  It cultivates increased success of finding a mate, better marriages, stronger relationships, better physical and mental health and longer life (up to ten years) and thus bringing positive changes to our local community!  Ask yourself, when did you last donate your time to your community?

This is why we celebrate volunteers and the work that our community does in supporting others.  Social enterprises such as Capall Dorcha Theatre Company can help you bring positive changes to your life, to meet new people, acquire new skills while all at the same time bringing massive changes to our local community here in Ardrossan.

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Written By Barry Robertson – CEO