With all this beautiful weather we have been having over the last week, it has allowed us to focus on the month ahead and all the upcoming activities that we are creating here in Ardrossan.

Firstly, our adult script reading class, who have been working at the Library in Ardrossan are starting writing putting pen to paper! I am excited about this as it will allow residents to create something from their time with us.  So why not join us on the 31st of May?  Bring one sheet of a4 paper that has your beginnings of a monologue, play, comedy sketch or poem.  Afterwards, we will be putting these online on our podcast so that we can share them with others for feedback.


Last Sunday our Youth board met to discuss the social enterprise, our Cashback funding and our weekly sessions, they asked if we could create a free coupon code for their friends to try a week session – Available now via our facebook page.  Our youth theatre classes for P5-7 and S1+ run on Saturdays at the Civic Centre in Ardrossan and is booked monthly.


We finish for a summer break in July and launch our Arts Award summer workshops in August.  These are two four-day summer workshops running 10 am – 4 pm allowing young people to take part in a youth theatre workshop and allows them to gain qualifications in taking part in the arts.  Similar to the Duke of Edinburgh award, arts awards are individual learning qualifications with support from Capall Dorcha Theatre Company that allow young people to gain up to 16 extra UCAS credits when they gain their gold qualification.  Explore, and Bronze awards will start this August on 7th– 10th August and 14th – 17th August and are perfect for young people in P5-7 and S1 upwards!


For all upcoming events, classes and performances check out our website Capalldorcha.com or book via telephone on 01294 475648.