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Written By Jessica Dove – Office Manager

As the newest member of the Capall Dorcha family.  I am currently still finding my feet in my role as Office Manager, and with limited knowledge in the industry, it has opened my eyes to what theatre and the arts is all about.

Before joining the organisation, I, like many, assumed that everyone involved in theatre is ambitiously aspiring to be the next star in the West End production. While for some that may be the case (you gotta start somewhere, right?), the value of taking part is so much more.

Regular participants in youth theatre don’t always see it as a stepping stone into the profession and rather for the positive influences that it brings them; physically, emotionally and socially.

Aspects of performing arts, foster creativity and learning to make creative choices can encourage young people to come up with new ideas and enable them to be better thinkers. Participation can build confidence and trust in their abilities and skills. The ability to interpret and understand different characters and personalities, situations, backgrounds and cultures help master empathy. Through discussions, rehearsals and performances, young people can practice verbal and nonverbal communication, concentration, cooperation and of course physical movement and coordination in many cases.

At Capall Dorcha, we figured if we want to encourage young people to participate in theatre and the arts in North Ayrshire for all the reasons outlined above, we should probably get them ‘on board’ to have a say in the work that we create and how we develop going forwards. As the next generation of audiences, artists and performers, we want young people to shape the work we produce.

As a further mechanism to master new skills and provide young people opportunities for involvement, we have created a Youth Board – a platform whereby representatives living in North Ayrshire, aged 8 to 25, can voice their ideas and make decisions to help improve the lives of young people in their community. The board is run by young people for young people and activities are driven by members. There’s no such thing as a bad idea, and we want to encourage creativity and meaningful input as to how we shape our organisation.

With 2018 being the Year of the Young People (YoYP 2018), we believe this is a brilliant opportunity to get involved in your local community, make your voice heard and gain versatile and lifelong skills. To get involved in the next meeting, please contact us or telephone 01294 475648.

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