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Capall Dorcha Theatre Production

Capall Dorcha Theatre Production Company are based in Ayrshire producing shows, plays, musicals and performances in local theatres.

Founded in 2015 by Chief Executive Barry Robertson, Capall Dorcha Theatre Company has focused on creating quality theatre experiences for audiences and creative outreach experiences for young people and adults in a region of Scotland with historically low arts participation.

The phrase “You are a dark horse” is a popular saying coined for the underdog. The elegant Gaelic translation of “Dark Horse” was the ideal name for this new theatre company with the meaning of the phrase matching the vision of the company from the outset. The idea that a new company could spring up and engage with individuals in Ayrshire, where arts participation has been so low in the past, works well with the history of the phrase.

Upon graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Barry returned to his native Ayrshire and experimented with establishing a small show. This became the successful ‘Broadway on the Coast’ production, who started playing several times a year at the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine. The show is a professional theatre production taking the form of a Musical Theatre Cabaret, performed by experienced professional singers, and bringing the show to audiences who would usually have to travel to the bigger cities to see such work. At the same time, the theatre production company started to grow and provide more community opportunities through Capall Dorcha Ensemble.

Capall Dorcha Ensemble

Alongside these professional theatre productions, we wanted to nurture new talent in Ayrshire and to encourage young people and adults to find new ways of creating and of expressing themselves. With this in mind, Capall Dorcha Ensemble was born, taking the form of both Youth Theatre and Professional Development. Which to date 1200 young people have participated in a free professional development workshop.

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